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Must-Have Coachella Items

Coachella is one of the most anticipated events of the music festival season. Thousands of people flock together to enjoy a weekend full of music, food, fashion and partying. Whatever brings you to desert this spring, it’s important to pack properly to ensure your festival journey goes as smoothly as possible.

Before you head out to Indio, here a few items you must have in your bag this festival season.

Water Bottle

The festival provides free water and bottled water for $2. Security allows you to bring water bottles under 40 oz into the festival. To avoid waiting in long lines to refill, bring a nice sized water bottle or hydro pack. You will be dancing for hours in the desert sun. Drink more water than you think you need. Standing in a large crowd in over a hundred degree weather will get you dehydrated.

best portable chargerPortable Charger

Don’t worry about your phone’s battery life while you’re trying to capture all of your precious festival memories. Bring a portable charger to keep all over your electronic devices charged up. Tuck one of the best portable chargers from Danan Corp in your backpack. This charger has a wireless charging option which means you have one less thing to remember to pack.


Three out of the five Coachella stages are covered. With bands playing over 12 hours of music a day, you are bound to spend some time baking in the sun. Use sunscreen, and reapply it often to ensure your protection from the sun. Also, don’t forget your lips! Make sure your lip balm has SPF as well.

best portable charger

Temperature Control

Coachella Valley gets extremely hot during the day, but the evenings can get chilly. Tuck a long sleeve in your festival pack to make sure you’re staying comfortable between sets

Bring these items along to make sure nothing is holding you back from enjoying your time at Coachella.

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