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Why Solar Battery Chargers Are Taking Over

Everyone’s been there, you’re 1 hour into your night out and you pull out your phone just to find the dreaded notification: 10% Battery Remaining.

In the old days, this could put an immediate damper on your night, but in today’s day and age, all your problems can be fixed with the help of a solar battery charger!

Solar battery chargers have exploded onto the market after the initial release of standard portable chargers in 2013. Since then, innovators and entrepreneurs have poured countless hours into optimizing and discovering the potential of this technology. Solar battery chargers are the direct result of this. they are simple to use and are reliable to boot. The main advantage of using a solar battery charger is the solar panels located on the face of the device. These panels utilize the same technology found in larger panels and convert energy from the sun to usable power that is stored in the device. This power can then be utilized at a later time during cloudy days or during those nights out with friends when solar energy is not directly available.

To make things better, entrepreneurs are making solar battery chargers more compact and convenient for storage and use.

From solar power chargers that attach to your smartphone to solar power chargers that conveniently fold into a smaller shape, entrepreneurs are holding nothing back in optimizing this technology.

solar powered charger

Solar battery chargers aren’t just reserved for phones either. These power packed devices hold enough charge to handle charging larger devices such as iPads, laptops, tablets and more. When you’re not on the go, solar battery chargers make for great household chargers as well. Just prop up the solar battery charger in an area with high sunlight exposure and hook it up to any device. Quick tip, the number of solar panels located on the device dictate the amount of power that can be stored.

Solar battery chargers are portable and easy to bring in your purse, backpack or even in your pockets.

If you travel a lot or are an outdoor enthusiast, a solar battery charger is perfect for you. With a portable battery, you will be able to stay connected with your friends, family and be notified of any emergencies that may arise. Stay connected with solar battery chargers!